Toronto Guitar Teacher Peter Mathers

Telephone: 416-285-0719
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Welcome to Guitar Lessons Toronto, I am a Toronto Guitar Teacher offering"In Home guitar lessons" to a small group of students on a private lesson basis.I have over 35 years teaching experience as a Toronto Guitar Teacher in various styles such as classical,jazz,rock,folk,flamenco,and pop.I also am very experienced as a Guitar Teacher for children and beginners,tailoring the lessons to what you would like to learn in the privacy of your own home

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"I and my children have taken lessons from Peter for the past 2 years.He is a great musician,teacher and friend of the family.He is flexible and adapts to what his client wants to learn and as a teacher he is very knowledgable and patient and can teach at any level beginner to advanced" Augusto Patmore

"Peter excels at teaching guitar not only to kids and teens but to adults as well.My kids and I have learned how to play the guitar under Peter's patient and knowledgable tutelage,and he has helped us develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of music" Tara Dubrow